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The project aim at developing a plant for the sustainable, cost effective, purely physical recycling of thermosetting and thermoplastic carbon fibres reinforced composites typically obtained from the dismantling of End-of-Life Aircrafts. The plant is based on an innovative process of emulsification of grinded and sorted CFRP into a thermoplastic matrix, followed by lamination. Potential application of the recycled compounds are automotive, interior and outdoor design, as well as non-structural components in aircraft industry. The latter should have properties comparable to those of virgin materials, but with lower cost. A feasibility plan in the real industrial environment will be obtained, also considering the possibility of adaptation of existing industrial plants. Technical and economical implications will be highlighted, together with their impact on the environment during the production cycle with reference to the healthy human oriented working. A risk assessment plan will be also supplied.

The IRECE project represent the natural prosecution of the SUSRAC project whose outcomes allowed the development of an experimental process in laboratory. It aims to detect all the solutions necessary to make the outcomes of the experimental phase applicable to the realization of an industrial process.