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Institute on Polymer Chemistry and Technology (ICTP-CNR) - Coordinator

ICTP is a Research Institute of Italian Research Council (CNR). Today it has a staff of around 60 researcher workers. The research activity is mostly concentrated on:  
• Correlation molecular structure and composition, physical structure and morphology, physical-chemical properties and processability of polymeric based materials;
• Realization of innovative polymeric materials such as blends, mixtures, composites with tailored end-use properties.
It has both equipments to process materials (extruder, brabender, etc) and to characterize (thermal (DSC, TGA,DMTA), morphological (OM, SEM, TEM), structural (X-Ray, FTIR, NMR) and mechanical (Instron, Pendulum…)).Over the past ten years, ICTP has been involved in many High Tech research projects, national and EC funded under the following programmes: BRITE-EURAM, EUREKA, CRAFT, FAIR and GROWTH.  
ICTP has managed several European project related to eco-materials:(ECO-PCCM (FP6-2002-INCO-WCB-1) and BIOCOAGRI (ENV/IT/377).

ICTP is also taking part in other EU projects aimed at sustainable materials:  
1. BOATCYCLE - Management, recycling and recovery of wastes of ship scrapping (LIFE)  
2. TEMA: Tecnology-based Environmental enterprises Market Approach (MED Programme)
3. EPHOCELL - Smart light collecting system for the efficiency enhancement of solar cells (NMP-2008-2.6-1 and ENERGY-2008-10.1-2)
4. Hortibiopack - Development of innovative biodegradable packaging system to improve shelf life, quality and safety of high-value sensitive hoticultural fresh produce (Research for SMEs).


RES NOVA DIE - Partner

RES NOVA DIE is a company born from the union of engineers specialized in different fields, like industrial processes, engineering, maintenance, environment, energy.

Their know-how has been built during several years of work in American and Italian multinational companies. It has gained great experience in the projecting and realization of extrusion, recycle, cogeneration and trigeneration plants.

The company operates in various energy sectors, in the vegetal oil and gas field, in the water treatment and in the sector of the Renewable Energy (photovoltaic solar plants, biomass and central co-generation plants).

RES NOVA DIE is also an energy service company (ESCO), providing a broad range of comprehensive energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy savings projects, energy conservation, energy infrastructure outsourcing, power generation and energy supply, and risk management.

The company, with an EPC approach (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) can offer a “turn-key” solution totally satisfying the client's needs, with the supply of personalized products.

RES NOVA DIE offers its services to both public and private customers that need a proper professional and management support.