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In the analysis of the technical and economical impact, the minimum conditions to obtain an economically competitive process are identified. From a preliminary market survey, the resulting reference scenario points out the absence of suitable plants for the treatment of fuselages and other aircrafts waste. As a consequence, the companies that own aircrafts have the economical disadvantage of incurring expenses to dispose the scraps as special waste. Furthermore the disposal operations are in contrast with the national and EU waste legislation which prefers the reuse and/or the recycling of scraps.
The examined factors are the costs to bear for the realisation of the industrial line and the costs and the availability of waste to treat, eventually determining a profit and loss account.
In order to individuate the most suitable areas for the location of the plant, it is necessary to examine the geographical sites of the needed waste matters (CFRP,EPS). In fact, one of the essential factor for the cheapness of the production chain is an economically convenient supply of CFRP and EPS.